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In a sometimes uneasy amalgam of psychoanalytic history and feminist fiction, Webster, in her fourth novel (after The Beheading Game, 2006), summons Freud’s inner circle. Young scholar Kate Berg is spending the summertime of 1968 in Provincetown with her ailing mother when she's a chance encounter with pioneering analyst Helene Deutsch, one with the last surviving folks Freud’s inner circle. About to begin a dissertation about the early female analysts, Kate is desperate to interview Helene concerning the movement that so powerfully shaped the twentieth century. What she hears concerning the infidelity, backstabbing, and sheer cruelty from the enlightened ones shocks her, especially after she learns she may be the granddaughter of Victor Tausk, among Freud’s most brilliant disciples. Meanwhile, like Helene once did, Kate must face-down questions regarding just what it means to be a fantastic mother and finding the proper balance between work and family. An intriguing if speculative portrait of Freud’s earliest disciples as well as their tangled history that will likely be of special interest to psychology students. --Joanne Wilkinson

"Brenda Webster has immersed herself inside lives along with the sexual entanglements of your extraordinary set of people, and out in the artifacts they forgotten (or she has fashioned), her characters pose crucial queries about women, war, psychoanalysis—all the unavoidable conflicts of 20th century life among the intelligentsia who shaped their time."  —Rosellen Brown, author, Before and After
"A hypnotic narrative in regards to the grand project of psychoanalysis, now 100 years old, and also the coiled tensions between Freud and his awesome gallery of disciples; regarding the clashing constraints of genius and personality and also the intractable legacy of despair. There is really much pure knowledge—knowledge about what it really means to be human—embedded over these pages that you are torn between keeping up with the story's barreling pace and planning to linger with some in the insights that are almost casually delivered, perhaps since they became integral to 20th-century culture. A fascinating exposure of both Freud's Inner Circle as well as the terra infirma in the human psyche."  —Lynn Stegner, author, Just because a Fire Was in My Head
"A riveting read set amidst a student uprisings from the late sixties . . . a dramatic investigation of family romances inside and outside the circle that so famously gathered throughout the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. The author makes brilliant utilization of fascinating historical material as her heroine, over a quest for self-discovery, investigates the intrigues that developed on their email list of master's impassioned disciples—and their descendants."  —Sandra M. Gilbert, author, The Mad Woman inside Attic
"In this subtle novel of self-discovery, a little daughter graduate student inside the 1960s interviews the fermentation Helene Deutsch and thereby enters into the whole world of Victor Tausk, Lou Andreas-Salomé and Sigmund Freud. [Vienna Triangle] takes for the nuclear kernel of psychoanalysis, the Oedipus complex." —Psychoanalysis and History (September 1, 2011)

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